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B Sivaraman has been an active member of CPI(ML) Liberation since 1976. He was a member of the CPI(ML) Polit Bureau and edited its Central organ Liberation for about a decade. After recovering from a debilitating head injury in an automobile accident in 2002 and four years of amnesia, he withdrew from active political work as his mobility is very much restricted but continues to write columns on labour issues and on contemporary left politics.


Labour Rights

State repression of labour activists peaking

The NDA government in the Centre and the Maharashtra government are trampling upon the entire gamut of rights and not only human rights as understood in the conventional manner. Labour rights, women’s rights and Adivasi rights all are turning into human rights issues because of repression.

November 19,2018

Labour Rights

#MeToo is also a labour issue

Many women victims hesitate to approach the complaints committees because they fear getting doubly victimised in a hierarchic power relation — first through sexual abuse and if they choose to complain then through harassment at work. Moreover, the committees can only report their findings to the top management and it is the management which has to take action. When the senior management officials are accused, how can their juniors conduct impartial enquiry against them?

October 20,2018

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