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Women's rights

Fight against Female Genital Mutilation

UN vows to eradicate the practice by 2030

February 6,2020

Stink of sexism: When even gritty achievers become nameless wives

The media coverage of Esther Duflo’s achievement after she became second woman to win Noble in Economics last week, demonstrated how success stories of married women get overshadowed by their matrimonial status.

October 20,2019

Women's rights

New Supreme Court guidelines must settle maintenance issue once for all

The apex court recently appointed two amicus curie to assist the court in framing guidelines on payment of maintenance to distressed women in matrimonial disputes.

September 20,2019

Women's rights

Judges betray their misogyny by calling women in live-in relationship as concubines

The recommendations of Rajasthan rights panel on live-in relationship lack understanding of the complexities involved in human relations and betray deeply ingrained misogyny in our institutions. The proposed awareness campaigns must focus on sex education in adolescents, so that basic knowledge of sex doesn’t come from myths, folk tales or pornography.

September 10,2019


Ganesh v. Sudhirkumar Srivastava and Ors

Relinquishment of the right to maintenance is against public policy

May 3,2019

Book Review

Book Review: I am a Troll

Swati Chaturvedi's "I am a Troll".

April 9,2019

Part III | The Domestic Violence Act

In this part on The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 (the DV Act), we throw some light on the meaning of “marriage” and “relationship in nature of marriage”. The DV Act only applies to aggrieved persons who are in a “domestic relationship” with the accused.

April 3,2019

Part II | The Domestic Violence Act

In Part II of the series on  The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 (the DV Act),  we throw light on the meaning of the terms “aggrieved person”, “domestic relationship”,  “respondent”  and “shared household”  under the DV Act.

April 2,2019

Know Your Rights

Domestic Violence: A curtain-raiser

Domestic Violence includes causing any harm or injury to the safety, life, health or well being of the aggrieved woman by committing any physical, sexual, verbal or economic abuse. Moreover, it also includes any injury or harm done to the aggrieved woman or her relative with a view to coerce her or any person, to meet unlawful dowry demand. Threats to commit violence are also covered under this definition.

December 5,2018