Raju Z Moray

| @ | April 23,2020

As the impact of the lockdown

Gradually unfurled

There was an extraordinary meeting

In the Bar Room’s insect world


Bugs, termites, cockroaches

Silverfish & ants were invited

As the proceedings commenced

Some rodents too were sighted


“Friends, have you fathomed the reason

For this meeting Extraordinary?

‘Tis because our benefactor lawyers

Have gone missing from our Library …


“We, who fed off their crumbs and spoils

In bygone days that were so good

Should now investigate their belongings

So that their disappearance is understood …


The thin rat then suggested

That they should start with the fat books

Where they all played hide-n-seek

Amidst the varied corners and nooks


As the cats had left with the lawyers

There was no need to keep a watch

And they knew behind which tome

Was hidden half a bottle of Scotch …


So there was this grand celebration

You may say it was a free-for-all

The law books were all shredded

But the creepy-crawlies had a ball …

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