Raju Z Moray

| @ | June 1,2020

Everyone active on Social Media

Is interested in the other’s take

On the daily dose of forwards

Half of which turn out to be fake!


Those who simply sit and forward

Think they are being most kind

In helping to entertain their friends

Without applying their own mind


In interminable days of lockdown

Those who ran from pillar to post

Are now glued to their cellphones

Counting who has forwarded most


This monotony is broken with news

That some celebrity is about to die

While speculations on cause peak

A tweet surfaces that it’s all a lie!


If you thought for incredible stuff

It’s tough to find any takers

Remember you are living in a land

Governed by an assortment of fakers!


Statisticians manipulating figures

News anchors with finger in every pie

Liars, like locusts, swarm all around us

Following the Prime Master of Blatant Lie!


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