Amicably settled?

After contesting many years
Crawled that inevitable hour
When records of a harassment
Were buried in a sealed cover!

It certainly wasn’t consensual
That much publicised incident
But the protagonists decided
To give it quietus by consent

The intern who complained
Facing civil action of 5 crore
From the alleged perpetrator
Could not take it anymore?

So after all that acrimony
Which never did any good
One side says let’s move on
Other says misunderstood!

No one says it didn’t happen
But they will no longer pursue
Our great system proves again
That it’s a waste of time to sue

The case is amicably settled
A retired milord is relieved
Both sides had their versions
Now who is to be believed?

In such cases it is impossible
To separate fiction from fact
But if the accused are powerful
Their reputations remain intact

So why do people do this?
No one does it just for fun
They do it because ‘Justice’
Must be seen to be done!