Aadhaar: Senior Advocate Anand Grover makes submissions before SC [Read the written submissions]

Today in the Supreme Court, Senior Advocate, Anand Grover argued in the petition Col. Mathew Thomas v. Union of India (W.P.(C) 1058/2017), challenging the technology employed in the Aadhaar project, and the contracts UIDAI has with the foreign companies.

Amongst many of his arguments, he challenged the unauthorised and excessive data collection, the formation of state resident data hubs, aggregation of data within the CIDR as violative of Article 21 of the Constitution. He also argued that the lack of security in the Aadhaar project is a gross violation of right to live with dignity under Article 21, and the excessive delegation of powers by the Aadhaar Act to the UIDAI.

To read the entire written submissions, click here.