Raju Z Moray

| @ | May 21,2020

If only I was allowed to bat

I would have hit this for a six

Because I well understand

The Might & Power of Art.226!


My driver is lock-downed

But I would’ve gone by bus

And directed the authorities

By the power of my Mandamus


I would’ve assumed my seat

And dictated my orders pronto

I would question masked men

Who are you? Quo Warranto?


I would’ve dispensed Justice

Without the slightest inhibition

And stopped all this migration

By innovative use of Prohibition!


With Constitutional support

These writs can be very scary

And that’s the main reason why

I have fallen in love with Certiorari!


But COVID-19 has kept me chained

This is a matter of fact, not fiction

And the Law of Writs says it is not

Amenable to my Writ Jurisdiction!


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