Raju Z Moray

| @ | May 28,2020

Litigators who used to rush to courts
All prepped up for an adversarial scene
Find it insulting, humiliating, demeaning
To be reduced to a square on some screen!

Everywhere one finds lawyers clamouring
For restoration of a practice that’s actual
While all the Powers and Milords are happy
Adjusting to a reality that is just Virtual..

No one in lockdown has even mentioned
All those humungous mounting arrears
Because they know cases will not expire
But what could perish are their careers!

Between the rising of the morning sun
And the night spreading out the stars
The legal profession’s skills are honed
On a glut of lectures, tips and Webinars!

Every imaginable subject’s been covered
From virtual contracts to basic structure
But somehow no one thought it fit to ask
Where do we have all the infrastructure?

The Corporations and Big Businesses
Are wishing Virtual Courts all success
Oblivious that an overwhelming majority
Finds it impossible to even gain access!


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