A sanctioned scam

A legally sanctioned scam
Of quite enormous proportion
Is an international gamble
Popularly called “Arbitration”

The thought no doubt was good
If the remedy was quick and cheap
But it hasn’t reduced litigation
And the fees can make one weep

Largely an employment avenue
For connections of kith and kin
To suggest any unfamiliar name
Is almost like committing a sin

Even some mediocre milords
Who deserved to have been fired
Are merrily milking arbitrations
After having comfortably retired

The same old wobbly foggies
With barely an audible voice
Often figure as trusted “umpires”
By consensus.. or by choice!

Proceedings drag on and on
Though by law it is now limited
Time and money are casualties
When to profit all are committed

Favourites of legal heavyweights
Are considered the safest bets
Such juniors are popular choices
They are considered judges’ pets

For many such favoured juniors
Arbitration is just pocket money
But those shelling out their fees
Have never found them funny

Till we find a way to overturn
This culture of club and clique
Arbitration will be a bitter pill
To make seekers of justice sick.