A legitimate expectation

OUR entire justice delivery system
Is meant to solve problems and serve
Litigants have a legitimate expectation
To get effective services they deserve

With litigation taking too much time
And undecided cases gathering dust
Alternate methods are more popular
Proving this system no one can trust

An expeditious resolution of disputes
Is a demand that is not unreasonable
But it is an unpleasant matter of fact
To deliver this our system is not able

Any proposed reform to be effective
Must be simple,easy, cheap and fast
Anything that is costly, complicated
Can be mandated but may not last

Going digital with paperless efiling
Is in principle an idea that is good
But many are without computers
Has their plight been understood?

Speeches and statistics don’t prove
That a measure has been a success
For me the important question is:
Do the poor and needy have access?