Raju Z Moray

| @ | August 12,2019

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]MAGINE you go to sleep as a human being..but wake up to see some of your vital organs chopped off while you were asleep.

Quite painlessly of course… otherwise you would have woken up!

Now you feel you are less than a human..

And suddenly comes the announcement..

Now you will be known as sub-human!


You want to shout… but your voicebox has been removed..

You want to go out and protest… but you are locked in the ICU..​​

You want to tell your plight to the world..but there is no channel of communication..not even an intercom..


Did you see this coming?

When they asked you to come for a routine check up?

When they did all the tests?

When they booked an Operation Theatre?

When the nurses came with the razors..and the anaesthesist with his stuff?

When the two bearded surgeons shook hands with you and asked “Kem cho?” with a glint in their eyes?

When you slowly started floating in semi-consciousness?

Were you aware of what was happening?

Could you have run away?


You are sweating profusely when you wake up from this nightmare..


Slowly, you clamber out of your bed, do your ablutions and pick up the morning papers slid under your door…


The headline says: ‘Constitutional Surgery’


What you dreamt was happening to you, had actually happened to the Constitution… while you were sleeping!


The newspaper was full of gloom..

Sick of all the sadness, you quickly turn to the cartoon page..


And there you find this Lawmerick..by someone called Gobble D. Gook..

Welcome to a new Union Territory

Where you can’t move but are free


Communication is blocked

And the leaders are locked

And the only one smiling is the Sentry!

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