87th Death Anniversary of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev: Read the order passing their death sentence

On the 87th death anniversary of Bhagat Singh, we remember a freedom fighter who was idealistic and brave beyond his years, a revolutionary at heart and a socialist secular in his beliefs. He was an atheist who renounced the Sikh religion he was born into at an early age.

His communist ideals, and his role in the freedom movement have made him part of Indian folklore, however he was also a scathing critic of communal politics and social evils such an untouchability.

Bhagat Singh and his two comrades, Sukhdev and Shivram Rajguru, shot dead John Sanders, a British Police officer and threw bombs into the house of the Central Legislative Assembly in 1928. This came to be known as the Lahore conspiracy case.

He was 23 years old when he was executed on March 23, 1931.

We have below the order passed on 7th October, 1930, awarding them the death sentence- to be hanged by the neck till dead.

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