Raju Z Moray

| @ | March 7,2019

GOBBLE D. Gook, like countless others, read with great interest the reported arguments in the Review Petitions relating to the Rafale aircrafts purchase.

It seems that the Apex Court was misled because someone in the higher echelons of Government, being very concerned with economy and economics, ended up being economical with the truth, while presenting its case to the Hon’ble Court.

Now, the Defence Ministry finds itself on the defensive about those misleading disclosures.

And that is because a missile called ‘Truth’ was allegedly stolen and launched from the Ministry, only to land in the lap of a Newspaper which held it high for everyone to see!

The famous ‘Watchman of Truth’ cannot of course be blamed for this mess, nor can it be said that he was caught napping. He just happened to be visiting other countries at the relevant time and the substitute watchmen doing duties were all undergoing check-ups and treatments in various hospitals for serious ailments, which, mercifully have been diagnosed to be only physical.

But this small gap in the window of opportunity was enough for all enemies of the nation disguised as Opposition leaders, media men and lawyers to breach the Defence and steal the Missile of Truth from the carefully guarded Arsenal of Lies.

And now the big fight is happening in the Apex Arena about the use of this stolen missile. The Watchmen of Truth are pleading with the Watchdogs of the Constitution to not even touch this missile as it may detonate in their hands and its explosion will destabilise the foundations of the Nation. Nothing less!

Now, the Nation wants to know, on TV channels: Whodunit?

But Gook knows that the most frightening missiles seldom hit their targets because they are after all fired by political beings whose aims keep changing.

To encapsulate what the Government probably wishes to plead, Gook has penned this Law-merick:




For all ailing petitioners without care or tact

The best medicine is the Official Secrets Act

Milords, it will not be wise

To review and destabilise

Our castle of legal lies with a tremor of illegal fact!

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