In the recent past two High Court judges have succumbed to Covid19. Several others were infected in the past. Judges and lawyers braving odds are like frontline warriors fighting to keep the Justice Delivery System alive often throwing caution to the winds. RAJU Z. MORAY takes a poetic view of these aspects.



Just when we were being told

There’s nothing to fear or dread

In Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh

Two High Court judges are dead


Unlocked lawyers crowd courts

No one can take them to task

Social Distancing is impossible

Arguments suffocate in a mask


Still many prefer the physical

Though virtual is convenient

The administration also tends to

Ignore the proper for the expedient


Bar Associations are suggesting

To try a listing system that’s hybrid

Encouraging lawyers participation

Yet not assisting spread of COVID


Justice delivery is paralysed

Pending cases continue to mount

In quick admissions and disposals

The virus has a far better count!


Government wants everything open

Dishes statistics, claims they don’t lie

It expects us to be obedient citizens

Not ask how and why so many die.

(Raju Z Moray is an advocate who practices law in the Bombay High Court when not puncturing bloated egos. He is the creator of ‘Gobble D. Gook’, his alter-ego, who figured in the ‘Court Jester’ columns of ‘The Lawyers’.)