This landmark decision

From our Milords wise

Wasn’t anything judicial

But about the paper size!


They had hinted earlier

And discussed it before

When the diktat came

It was a victory for A4!


Enforcement happened

Leaving many in shock

As time was inadequate

To get rid of ledger stock.


In Mumbai, we were used

To our ledger legal green

It’s just waste paper now

Bereft of litigation scene.


It is not at all surprising

That in an age of the App

Fools continue to flourish

But we will banish foolscap!


It is not that we dislike

The standard A4 white

Just that we associated

Ledger with legal might.


Colour or size of paper

Will not reduce any fees

Litigants should be happy

For saving some trees!


Instead of just cutting size

Why not cut disposal time?

Is it too much to expect

Decisions in one’s lifetime?


(Raju Z. Moray is a Mumbai-based lawyer who enjoys writing poems. He is the author of two books ‘Court Jester'(2017) and ‘The Locked Down Lawyer'(2020))