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After Justice U.U. Lalit is sworn-in as CJI, Union Government announces additional perks to retired Judges

The announcement of additional perks to retired judges, so soon after the previous announcement, raises eyebrows. 


IN a span of four days, the Union Government has amended the Supreme Court Judges Rules, 1959 for the second time, to provide additional post-retiral benefits to the retired Chief Justice of India (‘CJI’) and other retired judges of the Supreme Court.

With the second amendment notified on August 26, a retired CJI will now be entitled to a domestic help, chauffeur and secretarial assistant throughout their lifetime. Besides, a former CJI will enjoy security cover at their residence, and a personal security guard round the clock for a period of five years from the date of retirement. On the other hand, a retired Supreme Court judge will be entitled to security for three years after retirement. A retired Supreme Court judge will also be entitled to a domestic help and a chauffeur.

In addition, a retired CJI will enjoy rent-free Type-VII accommodation in Delhi (other than the designated official residence) for a period of six months from their date of retirement. Both the former CJI and former Supreme Court judges will also be entitled to protocol at ceremonial lounges at airports.

Besides, they will be entitled to a residential telephone free of cost and reimbursement of telephone call charges of residential telephone or mobile phone or broadband or mobile data or data card not exceeding to Rs. 4,200 per month, plus taxes as applicable.

Earlier on August 23, the Union Government’s notification had provided that a retired CJI and retired judges of the Supreme Court will be entitled to a chauffeur and a secretarial assistant for a year only after their retirement. Also, they were entitled to security for a year only post-retirement.

Last month, former CJI N.V. Ramana, while delivering the Justice S.B. Sinha Memorial Inaugural Lecture in Ranchi, had raised concerns over the security of judges post-retirement. He said that there is an increase in attacks on judges. He had opined that judges live without any security or assurance of safety after their retirement, in the same society as the people who they convicted in judicial cases during their tenure.

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