Thoughts on Independence Day: Love each other irrespective of religion

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s we celebrate our 72nd Independence Day on August 15, 2018, the lessons of Partition 1947 have never been more relevant. As forces in power try their best to navigate India towards a saffronised majoritarian violent version of a theocractic islamist state that is Pakistan – we must understand the disastrous consequences of charting such a course.

The euphoria of independence was tempered by the perfidy of Pakstian’s creation. Its existence reminds us of a time when Hate defeated Love. Betrayal beat Brotherhood.

It is a day when all Indians – especially Hindus and Muslims of India – must remember and learn from. That mutual hate, distrust and animosity between hindus and muslims can only create a cancer like Pakistan. Seven decades, the Indian sub-continent is still paying a price for Jinnah’s Two Nation.

A “Hindutva” India is the wrong answer for an “Islamist” Pakistan.

India’s core strength lies in its inclusive secular tolerant and harmonious ethos. Each and every community in India, especially the two largest ones, Hindus and Muslims have a solemn responsibility to ensure that the idea of India is protected and preserved to be handed down as our outstanding legacy to our succeeding generations.

Love each other, love your fellow countrymen, irrespective of religion. Nationalism doesn’t mean loving only your nation in its physical boundaries but more importantly all humans that inhabit and constitute it. Love them more than you love your own religion/community. This is the only way for a harmonious co-existence of and in India.