Supreme Court Bar Association Condemns Use of Force Against Protesting Farmers

THE Executive Committee of the Supreme Court Bar Association(SCBA) today passed a resolution condemning the use of water cannons and tear gas by the police to suppress the farmers agitation. The Press Release noted that the protests have been non-violent in nature and hence use of brute force was uncalled for. 

Quoting the famous line of Edmund Burke, “I may completely disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” the Association supported the right of citizens to discuss, debate, criticise or protest against such Bills or Acts.

The document was signed by Advocate Rohit Pandey, Acting Secretary of Supreme Court Bar Association.

Since November 26, numerous farmers from all across the country have been protesting against the three recently passed Farm laws in and around Delhi. The protesters have been using methods like sit-ins and road blockades to demonstrate their dissatisfaction. A few instances of use of force against the protesting farmers have also come to light. There have been media reports of using water canons and tear gas shells by the police against the protesters. 

Earlier this week, Senior Advocate Dushyant Dave, President of Supreme Court Bar Association, had extended full support to the farmers. Calling the laws unconstitutional and illegal, he offered to represent the farmers in Court on a pro-bono basis. 

In addition to this, the Bar Council of Delhi had also written a letter to PM Narendra Modi requesting for the immediate withdrawal of the three legislations on December 2.


(Nilakshi Srivastava is a student at the National Law Institute University, Bhopal and an intern at The Leaflet.)

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