Raju Z Moray

| @ | May 11,2020

You know I really miss you

I wish that we could meet

But even if that was possible

In between us would be six feet!


When will the courts reopen?

Is a question I don’t even ask

And even if I could’ve asked it

It would be muzzled by a mask!


A tribunal started functioning

With furniture all spaced out

The experience was so surreal

It’s fate could well be in doubt


When the judges feel thirsty

And request a cold drinks tray

The bearer dutifully brings it

But plonks it six feet away..


Hope was springing eternal

At thought of lockdown lifted

But just as D-Day came close

The goal post itself was shifted!


Arguments get misplaced

In attempts to stifle a cough

That’s why I sometimes feel

Now enough is really enough


So I stare at my mobile screen

Expecting the smileys to sing

Anti-Social feelings pop up too

With all this Social Distancing …


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