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Purveyors of hate

TABLES have turned
On some of late
Who’d made their mark
As purveyors of hate

Inciting their followers
To join their fights
Their barks often were
Worse than their bytes

But a time did come
As it would, we all knew
When they viciously bit off
More than they could chew

The local protestations
Were of little avail
As their encouragers
Were wagging the tail

But soon repercussions
Invaded from abroad
As none can make fun
Of Prophet or God

The bullies suddenly
Began to feel the heat
Especially as the bosses
All beat a hasty retreat

Thus the pedigreed ones
Overnight became strays
And were left on the street
To apologise their ways

In politics it doesn’t matter
What you bring to the table
When you become a liability
You are expendable.