NLU Odisha students on indefinite strike

Students of the National Law University, Odisha began an indefinite protest yesterday against the lack of facilities and the lethargy of the administration in acting on their grievances.

In a statement issued on July 24, 2019, the student body of the NLU Odisha demanded the following actions:

1. Construction of Library: There is no dedicated library on campus and the students have to study in a make-shift library that does not completely cater to their needs. The construction of the library has been stalled for several years.


2. Construction of a women’s hostel: Women students have been forced to live in a fungus infested, waterlogged hostel. They were asked to shift to a semi-constructed hostel; it has been years and the construction is yet to be completed.

3. Rationale behind fee hike: The fees for the incoming batch has been increased by Rs 30,000 taking their total annual fees to more than Rs 2 lakh. A proper explanation for the necessity of this fee hike has not been provided by the University administration, especially considering the fact that previous hikes by the administration have never been this steep.

4. Academic Policies and Examination Department: The University administration use arbitrary policies during examinations and the students have suffered a number of times due to the illogical medical and academic exemption policies.

Apart from these demands, the student body sought reforms in the following:

  1. Faculty evaluations and appointment

  2. Establishment of a dispensary and availability of a full-time nurse

  3. Hostel in-timings

  4. Removal of the resident warden of the women’s hostel

  5. Permanent resolution of air-conditioning problems in the Academic Block

  6. Sport facilities

Read the full statement of demands here: