Inside Job

The Big Chief was happy

His popularity was peaking

What troubled him however

His decisions were leaking!


Media is after breaking news

So every surprise is being lost

Discussions are front-paged

Transparency at what cost?


Who can be sworn to silence?

Who can one really trust?

In all internal deliberations

Circumspection is a must..


How many being promoted?

Who is now transferred where?

Open the morning newspaper

You will find everything there!


What is going to be their future

If the Milords come to know

All kinds of lobbying can start

From those not wanting to go!


But as soon as top ones meet

For an expression of their views

Who said what,when and why?

Becomes part of evening news!


So Big Chief just can’t decide

To laugh off the leaks or to sob

He knows he can’t be too harsh

For this looks like an “inside job”!


(Raju Z. Moray is a Mumbai-based lawyer who enjoys writing poems. He is the author of two books ‘Court Jester'(2017) and ‘The Locked Down Lawyer'(2020). The views expressed are personal.)