Raju Z Moray

| @ | May 31,2020

A Fund was created for donations

To show that those in power care

But if anyone tries to find out more

The reaction is how can you dare?


One of the most progressive laws

Was the Right to Information Act

But it’s been corroded & weakened

By those who prefer fiction over fact!


Every uncomfortable application

Is met with a strategy to stonewall

From department to department

It is passed as if it is a football


The purpose was to disclose it all

But the practice has been to deny

With pendency of appeals piling up

We are seeing very bad days for RTI


Activists are called blackmailers

Some have lost lives in the past

With even the judges unresponsive

How long can this movement last?


Strangely no one thinks it fit to ask

Without taking anyone’s side

If the Fund is meant to care for us

What are they so anxious to hide?


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