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Death of democracy – India

The following poem pertains to the Supreme Court’s recent decision dismissing Zakia Ahsan Jafri’s criminal appeal against the Gujarat government and its refusal to stay the floor test for the Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi government in the Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha.

– Editor


DARK clouds hover around me today
Easing into the night
All’s been said and done with dismay
To shield the bleak right-
Heritage and humanity that’s hiding in hindsight

Of preserving the ethos of constitutional morality
For upholding the spirit of this noble democracy

Despite no end in sight
Each day we transcend further into nescience
Meek dreams of keeping the grundnorm upright
Of what’s fragmented and begets grievance
Creating ruptures in vents that had assembled-
Rationality that’s been lost in the totality of it all
All I’d crave is what I’ve trembled-
Creating what once resembled
Your right to prevent downfall

In a land azure with hopes and dreams
Needlessly breaking what once beamed-
Democratic values and aspiring hearts
It’s a disheveling day for all
A fight for a lost cause