COVID-19: BCI gives green signal to online classes to cover the syllabus amid Lockdown

IN response to queries raised by the Vice-Chancellors’, Principals’ and Deans’ of law schools, the Bar Council of India (BCI) has written to them clarifying that its General Council, in consultation with its Legal Education Committee, has resolved that all legal education institutions should hold online classes to cover the syllabus as far as practicable amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

In its letter, the BCI also says “Since computer education is a compulsory protocol as per Rule-9(a)(b) of Schedule-III of Rules of Legal Education-2008, every student is supposed to be computer savvy and capable to understand and follow the regime of online classes. Therefore, you all should note that our decision for online classes is now the decision through a unanimous resolution passed by a meeting of the Council through Video Conferencing/Social Media”.

Further, BCI has decided to take into consideration the implication of the loss of classroom lectures and practical training and clinical legal education programs at an appropriate time and issue necessary instructions in this regard.

It has asked Centre of Legal Educations to submit a detailed action taken report in compliance of this circular, preferably, before May 10, 2020.


Read the letter here: Bar Council of India’s letter to Vice-Chancellor’s, Principals, and Dean of Centre of Legal Educations in India

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