Centre notifies appointment of Justice Rajesh Bindal as Acting CJ, Calcutta H

THE Central Government Tuesday notified the appointment of Justice Rajesh Bindal, the senior-most judge of the Calcutta High Court as Acting Chief Justice of that high court w.e.f. April 29.

The incumbent Chief Justice T. B. Radhakrishnan is scheduled to retire on April 28 after serving as CJ for three years. Justice Radhakrishnan originally hails from the Kerala High Court and was appointed as a judge in 2004.

Justice Bindal hails from the Punjab and Haryana High Court and was transferred to the Calcutta High Court on January 5 this year. He was appointed a high court judge in 2006.

Justice Bindal served as Acting CJ of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court for a brief period until he was moved to the Calcutta High Court.

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