The representatives we elect

Make laws which rule our fate

Yet many important bills get passed

Without any discussion or debate!


Leaders who dominate rallies,

Are eager on channels to speak,

Acquiesce in all new impositions

Which spells trouble for the weak.


Observe declarations of incomes

(The fortunes our leaders amass)

Then evaluate their non-performance

Allowing questionable bills to pass.


The rulers will use every stratagem

For opposition to come to nought

But why should they always oblige

By resorting to walkouts and boycott?


Millions get affected by new laws

They hardly have any clue about,

As their representatives failed to

Challenge brute majority’s clout.


No one enjoys this state of affairs

Everyone discusses their disgust,

But no one dares to proclaim openly

To break status quo, change is a must!


Therefore, when next election happens

And we again get to choose our “voices”

We may vote for the same non-performers

In the absence of any better choices..


(Raju Z. Moray is a Mumbai-based lawyer who enjoys writing poems. He is the author of two books ‘Court Jester-2017 and ‘The Locked Down Lawyer-2020)