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Sunil Fernandes

Sunil Fernandes is an Advocate-on-Record practising in the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court. He has served as the Standing Counsel for the State of Jammu and Kashmir and as the Additional Advocate General for the State of Madhya Pradesh in the Supreme Court. Has spent his life in equal halves in Bombay and Delhi and strives to assimilate the best of both metros.


On Screen

#BollywoodNostalgia: In Memoriam - DIVYA BHARTI (1974-1993)

This month marks twenty-seven years since the Hindi Film Industry lost one of its most promising young stars - DIVYA BHARTI

April 15,2020


Analysis| Kashmir: Supreme Court will have the last word on Article 370 conundrum

The apex court is the final arbitrator in the imbroglio that has arisen over the recent constitutional changes in the status of Jammu and Kashmir vis-a-vis the Union of India.

August 17,2019

Republic Day 2019

Thoughts on Republic Day: Time to move beyond ‘coalition of castes’ 

The clamour of more and more communities in recent years, many of whom have been dominant communities of their respective regions, for centuries, to be included in the list of "reserved categories" is proof, if one was ever needed, as to how reservations has played havoc with our country's social fabric. It has undone the fruits of more than a century of seminal social reforms by Gandhiji, Ambedkar, Phule and Swami Vivekanand.

January 26,2019

Independence Day

Love each other irrespective of religion

India's core strength lies in its inclusive secular tolerant and harmonious ethos. Each and every community in India, especially the two largest ones, Hindus and Muslims have a solemn responsibility to ensure that the idea of India is protected and preserved to be handed down as our outstanding legacy to our succeeding generations.

August 15,2018

Friday Flashback

Kishore Kumar stands alone

Kishore Kumar is my all-time favourite singer, a clear undisputed no.1, across all languages, genres and ages. A singer with no formal classical training in music, he was able to establish his popularity over far more classically accomplished and trained singers like Mohammad Rafi, Manna Dey and Mukesh, for almost two decades — from the late 1960s till his death in 1987.  

August 3,2018


Can Imran do a 1992 on Pakistan?

Leaders with far greater mandate than what Imran Khan Niazi, the head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, has achieved in the latest general elections have been hostage to the Pakistani Deep State insofar their India policy goes. However, if Imran the Prime Minister proves to be half as good as Imran the captain, Pakistan is in for some good times.

July 27,2018

Friday Flashback

30 years of Rajputana Romeo-Juliet

You can watch QSQT any number of times and still feel enamoured by it. Every scene and every frame has a memory attached to it. It’s nostalgia on steroids.

July 6,2018


Clash of the tennis titans

Bjorn Borg versus John McEnroe, Boris Becker versus Stefan Edberg and Roger Federer versus Rafael Nadal — the gladiatorial contests made the grass court of SW 19 a thing of pure beauty, grace and nail-biting thrill.

June 28,2018

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