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Scharada Dubey

Scharada Dubey is an author of narrative non-fiction and children's books. ​'​Portraits from Ayodhya: Living India's Contradictions​'​ and ​'​Bol Bam: Approaches to Shiva​'​ are among the books she has written on contemporary India. She lives and works in Pune.



A missed opportunity for resolving the Ayodhya tangle

The failure of mediation process reflects our society's failure to allow a property dispute to assume the proportions of a holy war

August 5,2019

Democracy and Rule of Law

Who’s afraid of the law?

Has our approach towards justice stopped taking any other factor into account except the need to immediately replicate the rallying cry of lynch mobs? Just like in the Nirbhaya incident, lynching too has emerged as another dark area representing the failure of governance that Justice Verma had alluded to. We cannot assume that making laws that strike fear will save us all from further collapse.

July 23,2018

Democracy and Rule of Law

Lynching as white noise

It is about the bankrolling of hate-mongering political parties by the business class, unmindful of the fact that business, to grow, must have social harmony and peace as a given.

July 4,2018