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Shameem Faizee is Secretary, National Council of the Communist Party of India.



Despite pliant media, VHP-RSS meet at Ayodhya was a flop

This week will fall the anniversary of the demolition of Babri Masjid, on December 6. Along with the pillars of the historic mosque, the goons of the Sangh Parivar had also attempted to demolish the pillars of Constitution like rule of law, supremacy of judiciary and the Constitution itself. It is time to reassert the basic features of our secular democratic Constitution.

November 29,2018

Lead Opinion

No option but to cancel Rafale deal

Like Dassault, Ambani’s companies are also indebted and defaulters. Is it an agreement to meet their losses and defaults by looting the public money? Both Dassault and Ambani’s firm are sharing the loot of public money. Hence the only way out is to totally cancel the deal.  Dassault and Anil Ambani are beneficiaries of the loot, of which Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the chief catalyst.

November 15,2018