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Saumya Srivastava is a fourth year student at Symbiosis Law School, Pune and was an intern at Lawyers Collective.She identifies as an inter-sectional feminist and strongly believes in fighting for equal rights for all. Her areas of interest include constitutional law, human rights law, social justice and gender studies.


Women's rights

Sabarimala: A curtain-raiser

The issue of denial of entry of women between the age group of 10 to 50 needs to be put to rest once and for all because it’s not just about the religious freedom of women but it’s about the broader topic of gender justice.

July 17,2018

Law and Sexuality

Sex, toys and Right to Privacy

Our right to privacy is an inalienable right, irrespective of our gender orientation and hence what we do with the sex toys in the privacy of our bedrooms shouldn’t be of anyone else’s business.

June 22,2018