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Sanjiv Krishan Sood

Sanjiv Krishan Sood is a Retired Additional Director General of Border Security Force. Having put in over 38 years of meritorious service he has served along all the borders of our country with Pakistan and Bangladesh including 8 years on LC and in sensitive Samba Sector of J&K. A security analyst his interests include Border Management, issues of topical interest, role of security forces in Security Matrix of India, politics and humour. Several articles on above topics have been published in Newspapers like Hindustan Times, Strategic Journals like World Focus, Force and Geopolitics and E portals like Quint, Scroll, DailyO, The Leaflet, News Central 24*7 etc. Views expressed are his own.


Law and Armed Forces

Pulwama attack is a massive security failure

It is beyond contest that the leadership, the troops on ground, policy-makers, police and everyone else joined together to create this tragedy of errors and they were guilty of criminal negligence leading to loss of precious lives of trained soldiers. Worst part is that CRPF in particular and policy makers and others responsible for controlling the situation refuse to learn from past mistakes and such tragic loss of life keeps recurring with alarming regularity.

February 17,2019

Law and Armed Forces

Justice finally for CPMF officers

In a landmark judgement on February 5, 2019, the Supreme Court of India dismissed a batch of Special Leave Petitions filed by the Government of India and the IPS Association against a judgment of Delhi High Court, which had granted the status of “Organised Group A Service” (OGAS) to the cadres of “Central Paramilitary Forces” (CPMF). The Supreme Court upheld the order of Delhi High Court in totality and confirmed the status of Organised Service for these officers and directed the Government to fulfil their long-pending demand for extending “Non Functional Financial Upgradation” (NFFU).

February 11,2019

Democracy and Rule of Law

Kolkata face-off shows how Government of India has demonetised the CRPF

The procedure mandates that the local administrative authorities requisition Central Police Forces through the prescribed channels. What was the emergency that prompted the Centre to abandon the prescribed procedure? Argument that CRPF was not deployed in aid to Civil Authority but to protect an office complex does not hold good. The deployment of CRPF in Kolkata was patently unconstitutional.

February 6,2019

Lead Opinion

The second-class soldiers?

The working conditions of BSF are much tougher than that of the Army. An infantry soldier after two years deployment in field gets to live with his family in peace station. Other arms and services of Army have it much easier. This luxury is unimaginable for a BSF soldier because he is deployed almost round the year on borders where he performs long hours of duty — mostly extending beyond sixteen hours a day. To add insult to injury, the Seventh Pay Commission has declared BSF and other paramilitary forces employees as civilian employees, even though the service conditions and duties performed by them are much harsher than that of the Army.

February 2,2019

Law Enforcement

Police leadership has failed India

Police leaders continue to display abject incompetence in leading the police from front. The working and living conditions of policemen remain subhuman in most states. Their training and lack of camaraderie is apparent from the shameful manner in which the murdered Inspector, Subodh Kumar Singh, was abandoned by his subordinates when surrounded by murderous crowd in the Bulandshahr incident.

January 15,2019


It’s time for anyone but Modi

Recent interview of PM Modi with ANI has once again proved that he is no visionary. Nor did he say anything reassuring for poor farmer and unemployed youth. He tried to paint a rosy picture by projecting data with one-sided interpretation. He came out as a spokesperson for the party rather than as the prime minister of this great nation. His refusal to take responsibility for the recent electoral losses also puts him in poor light. 

January 7,2019

Lead Opinion

Too many killings at the border

Grandstanding about surgical strikes could have been avoided. Public pronouncement of the strikes and resultant aggressive retaliatory actions by the Pakistanis has in fact put authorities under more pressure. On one hand expectations of masses have been raised and on the other the locals living along the border are finding their daily life totally disrupted due to daily exchange of fire.   

December 19,2018

Lead Opinion

Jungle raj in UP: What next for our cops?

Muslims get no succor from the law enforcement agencies too because most of the police personnel too are polarised on communal lines. Perhaps the heinous murder of one of their own will spur them into action like it did once to Punjab Police in controlling militancy when the militants started attacking police personnel and their families.

December 10,2018