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Coronavirus and the Law

Laws in the time of Corona

A list of the statutes invoked to counter the pandemic in India

March 28,2020

Law & Access to Medicine

Why the recently proposed Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2019 is a step back

Proposed amendments fall foul of the spirit of transparency that India must uphold

July 26,2019

Copyrights & Patents

Decoding the Monsanto dispute

The Supreme Court noted that revocation petitions of patents cannot follow from a summary proceeding that lacks proper examination of exhibits and examination of expert witnesses. The Court directed that the issues of whether the subject matter of Monsanto’s patent can be considered as a plant or a part of the plant are to be decided during the final hearing of the suit, viz. after production of documents and examination of parties/experts.

January 24,2019

Technology and Governance

Glitches in the matrix

Questions posed by petitioner Col Mathew Thomas — on security of the servers, access to data during de-duplication, extent of access to foreign agencies — remain unanswered.

June 11,2018