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Nitya Chakraborty is a veteran journalist and the editor-in-chief of India Press Agency.



New age editor Shameem Faizee is no more

Faizee was a member of the CPI’s Central Secretariat

July 8,2019


Modi .2 going ahead with its programme of crippling dissenting voices

Govt move against NDTV and Lawyers Collective are strong indicators

June 22,2019

Political Economy

‘Interim budget’ a political challenge

Roughly ten weeks before the crucial Lok Sabha poll begins, the Prime Minister, through his interim budget has stolen some of the thunder posed by the Congress president through his declaration of a minimum income support programme for the rural and urban poor if the Congress is elected to power.

February 1,2019

Political Economy

Unemployment crisis is reaching the stage of social explosion

The leaked NSSO report has shown that the unemployment rate is now at its highest level since 1972-73, and that in 2017-18, the joblessness rate among youth was at a significantly higher level compared to the previous years, and much higher compared to that in the overall population. It has exploded the myth of high job generation being claimed by the Centre and the leading members of the BJP in the recent days to mislead the people on the eve of the coming Lok Sabha elections.

January 31,2019

Lead Opinion

Rahul Gandhi, the 21st century socialist

Like Bernie Sanders in USA and Jeremy Corbyn in Britain, who are leading the young brigade giving the hope of a new society based on socialist ideals, it’s Rahul Gandhi’s mandate to reconfigure socialist ideals for the 21st century. The Congress has to take the major role in framing the common minimum programme of the anti-BJP opposition for the 2019 Lok Sabha election putting this basic minimum programme as the prime agenda. The other should be the free medicare for the poor and the senior citizens.

January 29,2019

Lead Opinion

Bureaucrats’ letter on Yogi is nation’s call

The open letter signed by 83 retired civil servants has really roused the conscience of the nation since what is happening in Uttar Pradesh under Yogi Raj these days, is the curtain-raiser of what is going to be the nature of Hindu Rashtra or New India by 2022 what the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is saying.

December 20,2018


Rafale verdict is no ‘clean chit’ to Modi

The way the Supreme Court bench endorsed the decision making process involving the Prime Minister is astonishing. This is the only area gone into by the three judges and the judgment clearly shows that they have ignored some of the major stages of the process involving serious violations on the part of the Indian Government. The apex Court has failed to perform its supreme duty as the custodian of the nation.

December 14,2018


What Rahul’s strategy in 2019 should be

For the Lok Sabha elections, the Opposition, especially the Congress has to do two things — first, the Party’s election manifesto must reflect the aspirations of the masses, especially the young, unemployed and the farmers, and it should form the core of the common minimum programme of the anti-BJP front, and second, the Congress must learn to act as first among the equals among the Opposition parties and treat the smaller parties with compassion and dignity so that the anti-BJP front can be sustained on a long term basis.

December 13,2018


For Modi, the beginning of the end

Prime Minister Modi and the BJP national president Amit Shah tried every trick to win the elections in its so called strongholds and mobilised massive resources and RSS muscle power. Even in the last part of the campaign, the PM stooped too low by openly telling in the meetings that Sonia Gandhi and her family would be named by the extradited Agusta Westland deal middleman as the recipient of the bribes.

December 11,2018


Electoral bond scheme is advantage BJP

The Indian National Congress and other political parties will be pigmies before cash-rich saffrons on eve of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, thanks to the dubious electoral bond scheme introduced by the BJP government early last year, through the Finance Act 2017. Already, a staggering majority of the bonds have been issued to the BJP by corporate donors, as the Election Commission data have shown. This must be challenged in court.

December 6,2018


Explosive revelations in Rafale deal keep pouring in

The learned judges led by the Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi have reserved the verdict and in all probability, it will be out in December, but there is unanimity that the Prime Minister’s decision making process will be under question and various gaps and irregularities in processing the deal revealed in the official submission to the Supreme Court can implicate Modi himself.

November 19,2018


Modi’s Rafale deal is like sagaai before marriage

As Sudhansu Mohanty, former comptroller general of defence accounts and financial adviser of defence services explained to a business daily, loosely, the letter of comfort can be said to be like letter of intent used in international contracts — may be morally binding but not legally binding and enforceable-somewhat like the Indian sagaai before the marriage.

November 16,2018

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