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Nitya Chakraborty is a veteran journalist and the editor-in-chief of India Press Agency.



SC on Rafale: Big Blow for Modi

The complainants have alleged that Prime Minister Modi’s decision to renegotiate a new defence deal with France was contrary to prescribed guidelines and public interest and that it resulted in pecuniary advantage to a private party. His conduct, it is alleged, amounts to corruption.

November 1,2018

Global Eye

Brazil’s Bolsonaro threat to Latin American democracies

Bolsonaro got massive support from big business interests, from right-wing evangelical Christian leaders and churches, and from sections of the military who, as he does, hanker after the days of the military dictatorship of 1964 to 1985, when military officers could steal, torture, and kill with impunity.

October 31,2018


No control on political narrative

The NDA government led by Narendra Modi has reached its lowest ebb of governance with the CBI under the stewardship of the PMO riven by unheard of factional fighting in the history of this investigating agency. The myth of minimum government and maximum governance lies shattered.

October 25,2018


SBI’s leap year daze over Mallya on Feb 29, 2016

Senior advocate Dushyant Dave on February 28, 2016 after assessing the situation advised the SBI team to immediately approach the Supreme Court the next day, February 29, seeking an order restraining Mallya’s overseas travel. But something happened in the next 24 hours after the crucial meeting between the SBI team and Dave. Dave waited but there was no response from the SBI team on February 29. Why?

September 14,2018

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