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Case update

‘Your Lordship’ comes to the rescue of landlords

A recent judgement of the Supreme Court in the case of Vinod Kumar vs. Ashok Kumar Gandhi reaffirms its previous decision in Satyawati Sharma vs. Union of India which upheld the right of landlords to seek eviction on grounds of bonafide need.

September 4,2019

Social Justice

Re-establishing upper caste dominance over educational institutions

Movements to end reservations must be understood as movements to re-impose upper caste reservation

June 14,2019

Law Enforcement

Slum dwellers’ right to the city

Is there an unconscious neo-liberal bias in the judiciary.

April 18,2019

Ambedkar Jayanti

Democracy and Ambedkar

A renewed commitment to Ambedkar’s democracy is the only way forward.

April 13,2019

IIT Kanpur Professor under a cloud

His complaint against four teachers pending before the Allahabad High Court.

April 7,2019

Star-wars club

Reminds India of its commitment to the demilitarisation of outer space.

April 2,2019

Citizens’ group releases charter to “Reclaim the Republic”

“We have seen clearly and unmistakably, the institutional pillars of the republic being dismantled”.

March 29,2019


SC must Identify a clear Criteria for Contempt of Court

The right to receive information in a matter of public interest must be reinforced.

March 22,2019