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Ashwin Varghese

Ashwin Varghese is a PhD scholar in Sociology at the School of Liberal Studies, Ambedkar University Delhi. He holds Master’s degrees in English Literature, and Sociology, and has previously worked as a Research Assistant to Legislators at Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies, Delhi. His doctoral work focuses on the exercise of power in the everyday of police stations in India. His broader research interests include political economy, state, law and public policy.


History and law

Is abolishing the Orderly System enough?

Upendra Baxi, reflecting on the continuation of a colonial policing system has noted that that when a decolonised society maintains its inherited police organisation, refusing to adapt to the aspirations of free society, it gets a colonial-repressive police organisation and colonial-repressive political regimes. This, he suggests is because of the intent of the governing elites.

September 3,2018