An Elusive Oasis

All the headlined stories
With major problems to report
Will sooner, rather than later
Land up before some Court!

In this barren mindscape
The quest for some justice
Is akin to scanning a desert
In search of an elusive oasis

Hopefuls still repose trust
In the dour men in black
Irrespective of their flaws
Or whatever they may lack

Some conscientious ones
For the sake of justice toil
Occasionally even burning
That proverbial midnight oil

It’s not easy to do everything
With poise, skill and precision
Yet frequently we are gifted
A praiseworthy decision

Before glad tidings go too far
The good rulings are waylaid
And dragged to superior fora
Where they promptly get stayed!

We rub our eyes bewildered
Did we encounter a bad dream?
Or just an assertion of power
That imagines itself Supreme?

(Raju Z. Moray is a lawyer who loves writing poetry. The views expressed are personal.)

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