The Kerala Government has put on hold its attempt to punish fake news after opposition from within the CPM itself. In this poem, Raju Z.Moray dreams about so many fake things that even his dream is fake.



I had a fake dream once

About a land full of fakes

Nothing original existed

Only copies of all makes


The rulers looked genuine

But were genuine fakes

They kept getting re-elected

Cause they had what it takes


The citizens abhorred reality

It was something to hide

So everything looked normal

Seen from whichever side


There was only one Agenda

No one had dissenting views

They did what Powers wished

And watched only fake news


Men in black roamed in court

Though nothing was at stake

The cases weren’t genuine

And the lawyers too were fake


An Ordinance was attempted

To put liars and fakers in jail

But activists were unanimous

That such a law must fail


Those who believed the false

Will never know what was true

When others decide everything

There is nothing for them to do


I don’t know if i too am fake

Like the famed 56 inches chest

Time to wake up from fake dreams

And hope for some real unrest.


(Raju Z Moray is an advocate who practices law in the Bombay High Court when not puncturing bloated egos. He is the creator of ‘Gobble D. Gook’, his alter-ego, who figured in the ‘Court Jester’ columns of ‘The Lawyers’.)

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