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Vacancies at The Leaflet


A. Designation: Subeditor-Correspondent

Role description:

This is a full-time recruitment for a young/fresh law graduate with excellent writing and subbing skills and a keen eye on current constitutional debates, political currents, social justice, civil liberties and the rule of law.


– Daily and prompt FILING of 1-2 updates (400-word) on major court cases, legal headlines.

– UPLOADING articles & updates on the CMS, including formatting, selecting and editing pictures, scanning for tweets/references, citations/hyperlinks, etc.

– Rewriting of reports/updates filed by contributors.

– Sharing of published articles on Leaflet social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

– Ideating with fellow team members. Identifying angles to be explored in various stories, issues to be covered.

– Helping with Leaflet campaigns on Independence of Judiciary and other matters.

Academic qualifications & experience:

 This is a post for a fresh law graduate, with a strong interest in legal journalism/research. This will require occasional court reporting, but mostly this will be an in-office job of writing updates, and uploading articles to the CMS (backend). A deep interest and understanding of the law and the raging legal debates are absolutely essential.

Basic MS Office, Photoshop skills are a must. Must be familiar with or quickly learn how to upload stories on CMS with the correct formatting.




B. Designation: Social & Multimedia Editor

Role description:

This is a full-time recruitment for a Social & Multimedia Editor with excellent command over

  1. social media communications, sharing on various social media sites (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among other platforms);
  2. multimedia handling, such as shooting and editing interview & short docu-feature videos with professional camera on various constitutional debates, political currents, social justice, civil liberties and the rule of law.


  1. Prompt & periodical SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING of ALL articles, updates, videos, podcasts published on The Leaflet on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, etc.

This includes: a) Handling The Leaflet’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Pages;

  1. b) Preparing posters on various issues;
  2. c) Devise a Digital Strategy to help build a community of dedicated followers online interested in the rule of law and The Leaflet’s unique contribution to the debates, court cases, matters of the independence of judiciary, etc;
  3. d) keeping track of views, clicks and hits as well as likes, shares, comments, retweets, etc., on various platforms, and help make the pages more engaging & interesting.

2.A) VIDEO CONTENT: This involves pre-production, production and post-production work


– preparing for a shoot. 

Depending on the nature of the story:

  1. a) If it is an interview and in the absence of an interviewer or anchor, preparing the questions and researching on the topic.
  2. b) If it’s a feature story, researching and coming up with a script.


– handling the camera


-sometimes acting as the background interviewer (See point a in Pre-production).


-Editing the video keeping in mind The Leaflet aesthetics.


 This involves making SHORT (1-2 MINUTE) INFOGRAPHIC STORIES based on the articles already published in The Leaflet. Many times, fresh ideas are generated in the articles written by many of the leading legal/constitutional thinkers of contemporary India, which need to be made accessible to a younger, busier audience/readership for engagement across the age/gender/education spectrum. (For example, see the 1-minute infographic videos by Brut, Al Jazeera, and even


  1. Other responsibilities


Ideating with fellow team members. Identifying angles to be explored in various issues to be covered.

– Helping with The Leaflet’s continuing campaigns on Independence of Judiciary, and other matters.


Experience/skills required: 

At least three years in social & multi-media media handling, keen eye on politics, familiarity with The Leaflet’s own political/constitutional stance.

Note: A degree in law is NOT mandatory to apply for this post. But a definite interest in the rule of law is a must.





The Leaflet is an equal opportunity platform.

Email CV to:

Submission deadline: November 30, 2018

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