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Wise people

Look at these rising prices
Their responsibility rulers can’t shirk
And if they do not listen
We’ll ensure that both houses don’t work!

Rupee is tumbling against dollar
There’s no limit to hike in GST rates
How can we allow Houses to function
When people expect rebates not debates?

The Nation must know the truth
Not fall for some sponsored canards
Therefore we came fully prepared
To lay bare the “truth” through placards

Before Opposition loses relevance
And it’s leaders forgotten as “have-beens”
We must storm the well uproariously
And enact a few memorable scenes!

Adjournments can never deter us
For saving democracy we can face guns
But for the time being we won’t work
And concentrate on shouting slogans!

You may be wondering by now
Who in their right mind would select us?
But don’t forget that in every election
It’s the wise people like you who elect us!