Raju Z Moray

| @ | April 12,2019

GOBBLE D. Gook finds the impassioned debate about the latest Rafale ruling of the Apex Court quite funny.

One side feels that the Rafale fighter plane has actually been missile-hit by the Supreme Court, even before it took off, while the other side feels that its take off from the PMO has just been delayed a bit and there is nothing newsworthy about delayed flights (including flights of fancy) in our country.

All that has happened is that the SC has said that it will hear the Review Petitions “on merits”.

Gook wonders whether this amounts to an admission that there are some matters which are not decided “on merits”?

Our most learned and Hon’ble AG had built a solid edifice of a “preliminary objection” and prayed for the dismissal of the Review Petition on grounds of maintainability.  Basically, he felt anything which shows the Government/PM in a bad light ipso facto cannot be considered maintainable by any true patriot.

As everyone knows, despite all the chowkidars on duty, three potentially incriminating documents from the Defence Ministry’s secret files escaped under their watch and were published by sections of the Press.

The AG felt that this was the work of some “chors” who had caught the chowkidars napping.

However, he later revised his theft theory (as it embarrassed the chowkidars) and adopted an “unauthorised” photocopying one!

With all the persuasiveness at his command he argued: “Security of the State supersedes everything else!” Many believe that the “State”, like the “Nation” is nowadays used by entities other than Republic TV as a synonym for the “PM”.

But the three judges on the Bench shot down the privilege argument and held the three  documents admissible. This was not too difficult as it amounted to just one admissible document per judge anyway!

It is a natural human tendency to want to peep into what is hidden and ignore what is openly displayed. So, now the AG has managed to get the disinterested judges who dismissed the original PIL on December 14, 2018 really interested in knowing the truth behind the appearances by recourse to a review.

Gobble D. Gook has penned this Law-merick to express what he feels are the thoughts which may have prompted the Hon’ble Milords to agree to dig up the corpse of Rafale.

Who knows? If the AG is as good at scriptwriting as he is in dialogue delivery, the corpse of Rafale may even start singing a patriotic song for some yet to be released movie.


Some may think this is a turning of the tide

Some may say it is a moment of great pride


       But we couldn’t appreciate the AG

       Acting adamant, elusive and cagey


Now we’d love to see what he wished to hide!

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