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| @krifritifrikafi | September 12,2018

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]dvocate Susan Abraham was one among the rights activists whose house was raided on the morning of August 28. She talks to The Leaflet about the raids, their connection to the Bhima Koregaon chain of events and the draconian Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act which has been used to incarcerate the rights activists.

Update: The Supreme Court of India has adjourned the hearing on September 12 to September 17 (Monday). The five activists who were arrested after the raids on August 28 continue to remain under house arrest.

DISCLAIMER- Correction

Sambhaji Bhide is one of accused in the FIR. (10:56)

Vernon Gonsalves had 19 cases against him. He was acquitted in 17, served sentence in 1 and applied for discharge before High Court in 1. (10:26)



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  • Avatar Prof. Nagesh Havanur says:

    As is known, the Mahars fought on the side of the East India Company in its battle against the Peshwas at Bhima-Koregaon. Their participation in this colonial conquest was falsely described by Ambedkar as a struggle against Brahminical domination and exploitation. When I examined the documents relating to the period I found the Mahars did enjoy certain status and privilege during the Maratha period. So this was not a struggle against Brahmininal hierarchy and power play at all. I pointed this out to Vernon Gonsalves (with links to detailed documentation) in a Face Book interaction. His response was typically full of standard Left clichés justifying the myth. However, recently Prof.Anand Teltumde, dalit activist and scholar has also questioned this myth perpetrated by Ambedkar.

    Now rightly or wrongly dalits have to come to believe in the myth. One can have a reasoned debate with them. Not a riot. The pity is that everyone arrested in the case is innocent. The real culprits are going scot-free. On that score I am with Susan Abraham’s fight for justice. Not with her voicing the same old clichés from Ambedkarite vocabulary.

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