Stratagem and clout

We are increasingly faced
With this question seminal:
Is our Criminal Law meant
Only to assist the criminal?

Just to get a conviction
Is an arduous, uphill task
If you peruse the statistics
No need to research or ask

So very often witnesses
Can’t forget what they saw
But turn hostile out of fear
Without protection of law

Everything seems tailored
For fairness to the criminal
Imprisonment is a vacation
For any convict who’s political

If they get incarcerated
Despite doling big dough
They avail of every benefit
Such as parole and furlough

Witness the cushy life of some
Convicted of heinous crimes
It wasn’t meant to be like this
But these are different times

The entire system conspires
To get favoured guilty out
If not by legal hook or crook
Then by strategem and clout

If by victims tears and fears
Thirst of powers is not sated
By garlanding killers & rapists
The “rule of law” is felicitated!