Independence of judiciary

The Judge Loya Verdict

Supreme Court dismissing pleas for independent probe into the CBI court judge’s death in December 2014 raises more questions — not only on the case itself, but also on executive-judiciary nexus.

June 11,2018

Independence of judiciary

The Sign of Four

By alerting the nation that ‘democracy was in danger’, the quartet of judges has upheld constitutional values at a time when the rule of law faces unprecedented attack.

June 11,2018

Independence of judiciary

A more meaningful court

If federalism is part of the basic structure of the Constitution, then it must naturally follow that every Constitutional institution must be federal in character.

Independence of judiciary

Avoiding executive overreach

The role of Parliament has been limited or confined only to the decision on the question of punitive action: namely removal of a judge based on the proven misconduct.

June 11,2018

Independence of judiciary

Why judicial recusals matter

Whenever there is any doubt whether a judge should recuse herself/himself or not, the balance should be tilted in favour of recusal and eliminate any appearance of bias whatsoever

June 11,2018

Independence of judiciary

A People’s Judge

His efforts on opening up the judiciary to more scrutiny — be it through his strong dissent in the NJAC judgment, his engagements with the Collegium process, or leading the press conference in January 2018 — are a rarity in our times.

June 11,2018

Independence of judiciary

Diary of an ‘ex parte convict’

Years of battle fought by women lawyers have culminated into the historic order of the Supreme Court directing high courts and district courts to set up sexual harassment complaint committees.

June 11,2018

Independence of judiciary

Look back with anxiety

Could the long arm of the executive have found its way into the apex court despite the innumerable face-offs between the judiciary and the government?

June 11,2018

Independence of judiciary

RIP, judicial primacy

The role of the judiciary seems to be gradually shifting from being a check on power to being a partner in power. The separation of powers is being weakened in a quest for reunification of all sovereign power under one common leadership.

June 11,2018

Independence of judiciary

Case of Justice Karnan

Is it proper to deal with the misbehaviour of a HC Judge under the contempt jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, instead of invoking the constitutional remedy?

June 11,2018

Independence of judiciary

Is impeachment the solution?

We need an effective, practical and comprehensive mechanism to deal with complaints against judges that at the same time could also ensure no honest judge is victimised.  

June 11,2018

Independence of judiciary

The story of origin

It is an age-old concept with its roots in the doctrine of the Separation of Powers, which is not only a human rights issue, but a core value of Rule of Law.

June 11,2018

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