Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law authorities call riot police to campus to stifle peaceful protest

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]UTHORITIES at the Rajiv Gandhi National Law University of Patiala, Punjab, summoned riot control vans and battalions of police to disperse students who were protesting the poor quality of food in their hostel mess. The authorities claimed the riot police had been called for “safety” reasons.



The protests escalated after six students were suspended following the launch of the protest on 13 March, 2019. In an effort to force the administration’s hand, the students decided to boycott their mid-semester examination and to sleep out in the open within the college campus.

The students’ demands include:

1- Revocation of the Suspension of Six Students 

2- Suspension of the Administrative Officer Capt. S.P Singh 

3- Formalisation of a Student Body 

4- Repeal Sexist University Rules

A detailed list of events leading up to the presence of the riot police drawn up by one of the protesting students and the official letter written by the RGNUL Student Council Body are attached here:




Read the RGNUL Constitution of Special Investigation Team to Seek Remedies Against Human Rights Violations here: