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Pay the price

Sarcasm, satire, comedy
Are comic forms tested
But try them on Big Bully
And you can be arrested

Big Bully rules supreme
Its rating doesn’t drop
Even bullshit is selling
Like bull in a china shop

Small fish and big fry
Of Big Bully are afraid
Taking bull by the horn
Means facing raid upon raid

The right way to behave
Is neither to laugh or look
Like all the law-abiding
Just obey amended book

Freedom of expression
Can cause pain or fracture
So keep quiet, sit at home
Preserve your basic structure

You enjoy total freedom
Are free to say it is nice
But if you try to act funny
You’ll have to pay the price!

Just be part of progress
Follow culture of the wise
Admire all the Holy Cows
And forget the right to criticise.