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THE Vice President has once again
Said it must be clearly understood
That one-upmanship by the Milords
Crosses the line… and is not good

Milords must do their job of judging
Within Constitutional limits remain
They must not grace public platforms
Public posturing is a politician’s domain

Just as the lawmakers in the legislature
Can’t second guess Milords’ judgments
Milords musn’t teach lawmakers their job
By recourse to judicial pronouncements

Perhaps the VP is voicing an official view
Maybe he is making an individual attempt
But his speech has provided much fodder
For some to feign shock, bay “Contempt”!

From the point of view of “We, the People”
Most of whom have lost voice, can’t shout
I ask: Is it better to trust unelected Milords
Or those whom we can electorally kick out?