The message has gone to all upright

It no longer pays to stand up and fight


If you go by the law and refuse to budge

You are certainly not their type of judge


It doesn’t matter you are good and capable

What matters to rulers is being amenable


If they ask to bend, you’re ready to crawl

Your career will be made,no worries at all


For progress be dependable,toe their line

Your trajectory shall go up, perfectly fine


The problem starts if you go by the book

Antagonises them all:smallest to big crook


Hurdles at every step,denial of what’s due

Most meekly acquiesce, protestors are few


Being principled in life can be hard and messy

What better example than Justice Akil Kureshi?


(Raju Z. Moray is a Mumbai-based lawyer who enjoys writing poems.He is the author of two books ‘Court Jester'(2017) and ‘The Locked Down Lawyer'(2020))