Raju Z Moray

| @ | January 30,2019

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]FTER the Supreme Court laid down guidelines to govern the designation of advocates as “Seniors”, Gobble D Gook noticed a flurry of activity among the aspirants.

While various High Courts framed rules based on the ruling, those who loved the “square gown” started thinking of ways and means to add up more points or marks to their tally. Suddenly, some aspirants became public-spirited and began volunteering for pro bono work, while others who struggled to draft a praecipe began submitting learned articles to legal journals, a feat inter alia achieved by engaging studious interns to do research and prepare draft articles!

Many, who hobnobbed with clients who did not trouble any tax department, now began to wonder how to legitimate the wads of cash lying stacked in their cupboards courtesy such clients.
In short, there was a flurry of activity among the aspirants!

Gook was told that he would total 70% under the new guidelines without resorting to any such strategem… and many a Milord who loved a laugh even urged him to apply. Perhaps they thought it was funny.

But Gook likes his current gown with its many pleats. To exchange that for something flat and square is unthinkable.

But a funny thing happened once the deadline for applying was over.

Milords realised that there is a virtual flood of aspirants knocking on the strait gate of Seniority.

How does one deal with all this?

Everyone seems to have read pirated copies of The Secret which advocated the power of intention and aspiration.

One Milord asked Gook what he thought they should now do?

I am sharing Gobble D Gook’s poetic advice to Milords with you.

For a long time you did not designate any
So now it’s natural that there are so many

To reduce many to few
Resort to the “interview”.

Why throw “Gold Mohurs” at every penny?

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