Raju Z Moray

| @ | February 14,2019

GOBBLE D. Gook finds it difficult to believe the audacity of the people who dared to tamper with orders of the Apex Court just to make things easy for a big ticket corporate honcho who is currently in the news.

Although the Super Chief moved super quick and sacked two errant Court Masters, it is quite evident that there is something rotten even in the state of our highest court’s babudom.

Some members of the Bar too are reportedly under the scanner for inducing the stenos to omit a particular word from a court order to suit the convenience of their client..and attempting to make it look like an “accidental” slip!

Such unsavoury happenings tend to shock the conscience and shake the faith of the common man in the performance of even the judiciary in matters involving big names.

People feel, not unjustifiably, that those with pots of money can get away with stealing them because they can also buy pots of luck everywhere with that money, possibly in the corridors of court registries too.

Gook is delighted to note that the Super Chief will tolerate none of this mischief and has therefore moved suo motu with such speed and alacrity to nip this mischief in the bud.

Such actions certainly need to be applauded as they help in restoring the perception of the people that the Apex Court is an impartial arbiter of law and an unbiased dispenser of justice..

This Law-merick is thus a tribute to the faith which, despite every aberration, We, the People faithfully continue to have in our Apex Court..

On the orders of the Court we place reliance
And firmly believe there won’t be any variance 

       In what their Lordships quote
       And the Court Masters wrote

Let us rid the system of every unholy alliance!


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